Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Precious

Last week I became quite possessed with the idea of owning a new smartphone.  The one I got now is ok but tiny and a few years old and one of the cheapest you can buy.  I did all my research (and more)  and decided on one of the flagship phones – because I can afford it,  and I deserved it because I have never owned a ‘decent ‘ phone before.  
     The more I research a phone the more I deserve to have it – such was my feeling when I become possessed in the search for MY  phone.(reviews on utube etc)  I was on the verge of taking the full hour’s drive to purchase it at the closest store but stopped myself somehow.  It cost an absolute fortune and I hardly needed it anyway.  I decided to do more research on it  (yes, I was out of control still).    
     It was a real energy possession I was going through. If not for the ‘tyranny of distance’ between me and the shop I surely would have bought it. Flagship phones are more expensive in my country than many other countries. Definitely a demon possession there  (me and computer)– and I’m not  guaranteed that I may fall for it (or another) in the future.  It is as if ‘life has no meaning’ if I can’t indulge myself in this manner- (at least in THAT moment I felt life has no meaning lol)
     The reality is, my tiny phone i have now will probably serve me best- nice and portable and cheap to run –no internet.

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