Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Embracing the Creep

I’m   very   ‘glad/disappointed’  (one word)  that I have recognized, or rather begun to recognize the despicable nature of chronic psychosis.  Glad because it’s a realization, and realizations are the way forward, and going  forward is a reason to celebrate  and be glad.  Disappointed because it is the nature of the  sickness  that is so cringeworthy , so uncool.  So what do I do? Celebrate or cringe? Hmmm.  I got an inkling that I have not cringed  enough.

   I am quietly confident that I got it right when I describe myself as a  ‘creep’ or a ‘weirdo’ (they are synonyms bytheway).   Not really the thing you want to tell people but  who cares.  We are all equall in the matrix. A point of triumph for me to see that,  and not the lofty self definition that a psychotic is known  to view himself as.
   So rhe time I fully embrace 'the creep' will be the time that I will strike chronic psychosis'  out of my vocabulary.,

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