Saturday, 25 March 2017

An early memory

When I was  in my first year of school at age 5,  I had an experience very similar to that of the person doing the life review number 63 -"The Victim of judgement". This is my memory:-
   I am sitting at my little desk at school  with my friend on my left. We are using colored pencils to 'color in' various things in our 'workbook'. One of the things to be colored in was an elephant. My friend was in the process of coloring it RED in all his wild exuberance.  The teacher proceeded to scream at him. I got so fearful and froze up  because i had no idea  what color to use. I had not experienced an adult reacting in such a way to what us kids were doing.  I think I did not attend school the next day because of not being able to figure out what was the  color to use for the elephant.

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