Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mr Nice Guy again.

A few days ago,  in the course of my job,  I responded  to  one of the tenants who had a problem with his cooking stove.  I am not quite sure if i should have said  “in the course of my job” because my job description is pretty vague.  Anyhow I solved his stove problem.
  Then he asked me if I could fix his television. I got my neighbour to help me, but we could not fix it. The tenant explained that he really needs the television because the neighbours are so noisy,  and that they get bored if they don’t have one.  I then told him that I would mention it to “the boss”. He thanked me very much.
     However I have not followed through with my promise (to let the boss know that he wants a new television).  I just told him that so I could get away from him.   So I was quite nice to his face but in reality,  any promises i made were soon forgotten.  It would have been better for all concerned if I told the truth – to buy his own TV, because he is now waiting for the boss to give him one, which won’t happen.

     I just don't want to make demands of  the boss -it's not my place to do so, and he ends up hating me.
     I do have intentions of carrying out the request in the moment, but they evaporate soon after I leave the persons presence. 

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