Monday, 6 March 2017

Today's 'Mr Nice Guy' character

     Today's Mr Nice Guy character caused me just a  bit of inconvenience  Not only me, but the person I was being nice to.  By this I mean that if I was just more straightforward and professional, the outcome would have been better for both of us.
     What happened was, during the course of performing my duties as cleaner/gardener/slave, a tenant asked me if he could use the  vacuum cleaner. I keep it locked up and it was several minutes walk away and it was the hottest part of the day (a very hot day). My immediate reaction was to go and get it for him immediately (Mr Nice Guy) but I was really busy and would be so for another hour. So instead of saying  "I'm too busy at the moment but I will get it for you in an hours time", I got defensive and slightly nasty. This caused the tenant some inconvenience because I gave no indication of when he could have the vacuum cleaner other than "not now".
   So when I finished what I was busy doing I proceeded to find the guy to give him the item, but that was not an easy task. All because Mr Nice Guy couldn't  come up with a professional response  when the request was made.

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